“Joy is found by walking through fear with gratitude.”

— Jill Davis

As a life coach I am here to help you traverse through your fear into a more joyous life path. If you are looking for more fulfillment, personally, professionally or physically. I will help you discover the questions to ask yourself. Finding the answers is the easy part – they’re already a part of you.

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Meet Jill

For over 25 years, Jill Davis has helped others identify their dreams and take the necessary steps toward their fulfillment. Jill is a single mother of four, life coach and popular motivational speaker.

Coaching Services

• Private Coaching Sessions
(in person, phone or skype)
• Group Coaching Sessions
• Speaker
• Small Group Workshops
• Team Building Workshops
• Sales Training


• The Gift of Personalities

• True Self Care is Soul Care

• Surviving the Unsurvivable

• M&M’s to Skinny Jeans


Jill is a Life Coach dedicated to helping others find their way. Schedule Jill for your one-on-one coaching appointment or invite her to speak at your next event.